4 July 2017 – Weekly Analysis and Update completed

I have finally been able to complete the weekly analysis for the week ending 1st July 2017, as well as the monthly analysis for the month of June. The online charts were updated earlier today (see the monthly analysis here, and the weekly analysis here), and the Weekly Watch List is now also complete – see it from the links here.

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2 June 2017 – List of LIQUID STOCKS and WHICH STOCKS IN WHICH INDEX? are now completed for May

Every month, after the end of trading for the month, I update two key sets of information in the Share Market Toolbox:- Stock Liquidity, and Which Stocks in Which Index:

  1. Stock LIQUIDITY – Out of the 2000+ stocks on the Aussie market, only about 400 of them trade at least 50 times per day on average. Many traders and investors are not comfortable dealing in stocks that trade less then 50 times per day, because it would worsen the chance of selling the stock quickly if you need to (another measure is the total value traded per day, but not considered here). See more details and my updated list of Liquid Stocks.
  2. Which stocks are in which index? – Exactly which stocks are currently in which of the ten major Australian share market indexes? See my freshly updated list in the Toolbox.

Happy investing /trading
Robert B Brain (aka Brainy)
and watch out for the sharks in the ocean!

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12 Apr 2017 – IPOs – Are they really worth it? – Web page updated

In 2013, with the hype around some high profile IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), I thought it was time to do some research to either confirm, or shatter, my views that IPOs in general are too dangerous for the average investor. So, I did some research and put up a new web page in the public area of my Share Market Toolbox on this very topic.

The bottom line conclusion from my research was that in general, the chances of the average retail investor making money on an IPO are not that good. The reasons for this are explained on my IPO web page.

I have since updated that web page from time to time, and also reflected on the content. Anyhow, I have now applied some small updates as follows:

  • Updated the entry for Hot Copper to include a price chart for the latest 6 months since their IPO (and which shows that any investor hanging on since the float date last September is now under water).
  • Added in Bapcor (BAP formerly Burson Group), to show that some of the more well known floats can be profitable. Their share price has more than doubled since the float three years ago (April 2014). But note the lengthy share price consolidation periods that are obvious on the price chart.
  • At the bottom of the IPO page, the entry for Telstra (and the T1, T2, T3 floats) included links to their original prospectus documents that had since been moved. I have now updated these links so you can see the original documents and promises.

See all the details in my Share Market Toolbox.

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30 Mar 2017 – Chart patterns (in price charts) tell real stories

Another eNews Update has been added to the Share Market Toolbox – number 77!

For many technical analysts, it really is a “light bulb” moment when they realise that the price charts, and the patterns in the charts, actually tell stories about the underlying opinions of the market participants. One key way to read and understand the stories in the price charts is by understanding the chart patterns.

See a list of the relevant web pages, public presentations, and eBook (PDF) Articles in the Share Market Toolbox that provide lots of information about Chart Patterns in the price charts. It’s all in eNews email #77.

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24 March 2017 – Weekly Watch List Strategy v6 now in use + new eBook Article

After working on tweaking the Weekly Watch List strategy for a few months, the Version 6 is now in place and in use for Toolbox Members (and referred to in the Weekly Market Update and Analysis email).

Details of the technical analysis indicators used in the revised strategy are documented in the brand new 11-page eBook (PDF) Article TA-6055.

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16 March 2017 – Bulls vs Bears and Dow Theory – Another contribution for the ASX Investor Update

Another contribution was requested from the ASX for publication in their monthly ASX Investor Update emailed newsletter – entitled Bulls versus Bears: What Dow Theory Tells Us.

Read the article at the ASX website.

Or, see the full newsletter at the ASX website.

Also see all of Robert’s previous contributions and published articles in the free section of Brainy’s Share Market Toolbox.


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16 Mar 2017 – Constant Contact ALL STAR Award – for the fifth time

Constant Contact ALL STAR Award winner 2016Today I received an email from the Constant Contact staff to advise that I am one of the recipients of the latest Constant Contact ALL STAR Award.

This is a great achievement which recognises the quality of the email communication campaigns that I manage. See more details here.

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