20 Dec 2017 – Why do people spend so much time on it? … It’s the journey…

Why do some people spend so much more time than others on their investing research?

Some people spend hours pouring over spreadsheet models that are full of assumptions and guesses, whilst other people spend very little or no time on this activity.

Some people spend many hours on the property research, looking for the next ideal investment property. But why do they do this when many other property investors don’t?

Some people spend a lot of time researching company background and fundamentals, while others don’t.

Why is it so?

Well, it took me a long time to put my finger on it, to be able to explain it simply.

It’s the Journey.

Investors and traders spend time on the activities that they enjoy. Stamp collectors spend time collecting stamps because they enjoy it. Company financial modellers enjoy playing around with their spreadsheets. The eventual destination is important, but the journey to get there is also very important.

I am progressively adding this bit of information to relevant pages in my Share Market Toolbox website. You can see one recently new reference to it on the web page “Balance the time on research on investing”.


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Share market analyst and Nimble Short Term Investor, with my Share Market Toolbox to help investors and traders. And this blog is a historical record of the updates and changes to the Toolbox content.
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