6 Oct 2016 – IPOs – are they worth it? or too much risk?

In 2013, with the hype around some high profile IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), I thought it was time to do some research to either confirm, or shatter, my views that IPOs in general are too dangerous for the average investor. So, I did some research and put up a new web page in the public area of my Share Market Toolbox on this very topic.

The bottom line conclusion from my research was that in general, the chances of the average retail investor making money on an IPO are not that good.

Anyway, I hadn’t updated that web page with the latest information for a while, so it is now done. The web page includes notes about my research, and price charts of several key high profile IPOs in recent years. Of course, it does not include details for ALL IPOs as there have been too many.

See all the details here…

About ShareMarketToolbox

Share market analyst and Nimble Short Term Investor, with my Share Market Toolbox to help investors and traders. And this blog is a historical record of the updates and changes to the Toolbox content.
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