2 June 2015 – Updated the BULLMARKETS and BEARMARKETS web pages

(2 June 2015) – I have refreshed both the BullMarkets and the BearMarkets web pages in the public domain, and the Toolbox Member versions: BullMarkets (for Mambers), and BearMarkets (for Members).

These web pages provide a detailed analysis of both the bull market periods, and the bear markets and market corrections on the Australian market since 1987.

This is very useful, because whatever the market has done before, it can do again. If we know what has happened in the past, we won’t be surprised when the market does it again.

Don’t forget, the market fell about 50 percent in the GFC period from the market peak in October/November* 2007 to the bottom in March 2009. This market “crash” took some 16 months to unfold, and investors had plenty of time to quit their positions to protect their investing capital. That’s what the astute investors do when they use technical analysis to plan and implement capital protection exit stategies.

See the links above for details about past Bull and Bear Markets.

* – The market top was in either October or November, depending on whether you look at the highest DAILY close price on the index, or the highest WEEKLY close price. And then there is the highest HIGH price which might be different again.

About ShareMarketToolbox

Share market analyst and Nimble Short Term Investor, with my Share Market Toolbox to help investors and traders. And this blog is a historical record of the updates and changes to the Toolbox content.
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