17 Mar 2014 – IPOs – Are they worth it? (web page updated)

(17 March 2014) The web page that was first put up a few months ago is now updated with the price charts of the more recent public floats updated to be current. See the IPO – Are they worth it? web page.

The web page shows a few of the more popular (Australian) share market floats, and tries to answer the question: “Is it worth the average retail investor buying into share market floats?”

This commentator had a gut feeling for quite a while that too many companies traded below their issue price for too long. This superficial study which also draws on other empirical studies concludes that IPOs ar too dangerous for most investors. It is a lower risk situation to wait for the listing to pass, and then study the price chart. Having said that, there are occasionally some companies that are under-quoted at float time, and which trade well above their issue price from day one – but not many.

See the IPO – Are they worth it? web page for more details.


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Share market analyst and Nimble Short Term Investor, with my Share Market Toolbox to help investors and traders. And this blog is a historical record of the updates and changes to the Toolbox content.
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