8 Feb 2013 – Revised the index download CSV files

8 Feb 2013. One of the facilities for Toolbox members is the eleven separate listsof the Australian market indexes, with key price data, in CSV format. These lists can be downloaded and imported into your spreadsheet program (eg. OpenOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel – my own favourite is the free LibreOffice, which is much easier to use – more user-friendly, and its FREE!).

Some of our Toolbox Members and users have recently been having a little trouble with these CSV files, and trying to import into Microsoft Excel – with the import not happening properly. This is because by default the BullCharts charting software exports the CSV files using the tab character as the field delimiter instead of a comma character which Excel wants to use by default.

Rather than ask our users and Toolbox Members to fiddle with the import settings, we have changed the CSV files so that they now use the comma character as the field delimiter, and not the tab character (this required a manual edit on our part for all eleven CSV files).

All future versions will also use the comma character and not the tab character.

See the Index Downloads Page here…


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Share market analyst and Nimble Short Term Investor, with my Share Market Toolbox to help investors and traders. And this blog is a historical record of the updates and changes to the Toolbox content.
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