This is the history of changes… see the full Toolbox…

This is the history of changes to Brainy’s Share Market Toolbox. See the full Toolbox for all the Share Market Tools…

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16 Feb 2018 – Updated the IPO Performance web page

IPOs – Are they worth it?

I have been running a focused web page in my Share Market Toolbox on this topic for a few years now, ever since I realised that the chances of the average retail investor making money in an IPO are not great.

I have now added another stock to this list, to maintain a record of a number of stocks that have floated in recent years, and the resulting stock performance. You can see that web page here.

That web page now has 27 higher profile listings from the last few years – it is not a complete list, and it does include good performing stocks as well as poor performing ones.

The web page also provides an introduction to the topic of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), including references to empirical studies, and authoritative research on the issues to be aware of.

The latest stock added to the top of the list is CropLogic Limited (CLI). See its share price performance here.

Happy investing / trading

Robert Brain (aka Brainy)

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16 Feb 2018 – Updated presentation “Ranking stocks using bullish indicator features”

In mid-2017 I delivered a presentation to the BullCharts User Group on this topic – “Ranking stocks using bullish indicator features”. I then polished it up and presented it to the U3A Manningham “Financial Health in Retirement” group, and then the Canberra Chapter of the ATAA in October (that took 2 hours with interactive questions).

This presentation is all about identifying a number of bullish observations of technical analysis chart indicators, and then readily finding stocks which have these observations because they are most likely to be experiencing bullish share price behaviour.

I then tweaked the presentation some more, and presented it to the Melbourne ATAA chapter in January 2018. The updated and latest version of these slides is now available in my Share Market Toolbox here.

Happy investing / trading

Robert Brain (aka Brainy)

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11 Feb 2018 – Updated three Weekly Analysis charts with Friday’s volume

When I prepared the Weekly Analysis charts and email on Friday afternoon (a little earlier than usual), the volume was not available for the index. I have now been able to update the database and the charts. You can see the updated charts as follows:

Toolbox non-members can also see more information about the Weekly Share Market Analysis, and the special weekly email that provides more details.

Happy investing / trading

Robert Brain (aka Brainy)


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2 Feb 2018 – List of LIQUID STOCKS and WHICH STOCKS IN WHICH INDEX? are now completed for January

Every month, after the end of trading for the month, I update two key sets of information in the Share Market Toolbox:- Stock Liquidity, and Which Stocks in Which Index:

  1. Stock LIQUIDITY – Out of the 2000+ stocks on the Aussie market, only about 400 of them trade at least 50 times per day on average. Many traders and investors are not comfortable dealing in stocks that trade less then 50 times per day, because it would worsen the chance of selling the stock quickly if you need to (another measure is the total value traded per day, but not considered here). See more details and my updated list of Liquid Stocks.
  2. Which stocks are in which index? – Exactly which stocks are currently in which of the ten major Australian share market indexes? See my freshly updated list in the Toolbox.

Happy investing /trading
Robert B Brain (aka Brainy)
and watch out for the sharks in the ocean!

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18 Jan 2018 – Updated the “Your stock universe” web page

After much discussion in our Melbourne BullCharts User Group meeting last night, I have added much more material to my recently new  Your Stock Universe web page. See the details there, including some thoughts and tips on all of:

  • Large cap stocks, versus mid-cap, and small cap stocks.
  • Blue chip stocks – good luck looking for a list.
  • Sector-specific focus for investing/trading?
  • Thoughts on stock liquidity – whether to include them in one of your Stock Universe lists or not.
  • Tools to help you find your preferred category of stocks (including the Australian BullCharts).

Good luck with your trading / investing.

Robert B Brain

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10 Jan 2018 – Added cryptocurrencies to the “Which instrument” web page

I have now added a little information about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to the Financial instruments web page. I will progressively add more information over time.

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5 Jan 2018 – What is your “stocks universe” when you invest or trade?

Many investors and traders easily get side tracked looking at the latest fads or new ideas. Sometimes it can pay to stay safe and stay within our own “Stocks universe”. But what is it? How do we define it?

There is very little guidance about devising your “stock universe”, so I thought I should start gathering thoughts. I have put them into a new web page.

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